Visit Tanzania with Destination Serengeti

Every trip to Tanzania is unique, especially when you have the opportunity to visit the Serengeti.

Destination Serengeti invites you to explore beyond the basics, beyond what you can find in the guidebooks.

Join us as we explore this magical part of the world and learn more about the amazing wildlife. Whether this is your first safari or your twentieth, you will always find something new.  This is why our guides are so passionate about what they do as they show you our land.

Unlike other tour companies, Destination Serengeti offers unlimited kilometres from sunrise to sunset (6 am to 6 pm) to maximize your opportunities for adventure and new experiences.  Your guides will take you off the beaten track, and set your itinerary according to the movement of the wild animals to make sure you have the experience of a lifetime.

people in a safari jeep watching cheetah on a rock in the Serengeti

Cheetah Watching in the Serengeti

Imagine morning breakfast in the bush; watching the sunrise and the animals begin their day; then finding a watering hole or creek spot to set up and have your hot coffee and your breakfast while observing the animals around you.  Then a full day of exploration, with a guide who is trained in and attuned to the natural behaviour of the wild animals.  Your guide will not only find the animals but explain their behaviour and customs so you are not only an observer but part of the natural world that they inhabit.

You may find yourself sitting for hours observing a pride of lions and their young if you want to watch them at play and at rest.  Or you may drive to the hippo pool where you will see not only hippos but elephants and birds and impala.  Or find a mother leopard hunting for her young cub.  Or a lion bringing down a gazelle.

Safaris come in all flavours and sizes.  You may come for a day trip, or for weeks.  You may have a particular bird you are dying to find (yes, our guides are bird experts!), or want to focus on a particular animal that fascinates you.  You may want cultural experiences like visiting a Maasai village or seeing the work of local artisans.  You may want to focus on light and photographic opportunities.  Whatever your dreams, Destination Serengeti looks forward to helping you make them a reality.

What do you dream of seeing on safari?  Let Destination Safari plan your perfect trip.  Explore safari packages to whet your appetite!

Why Travel With Destination Serengeti?

Lioness in the Ngorongoro Crater

Experience and Trustworthiness

Visitors from all over the world have travelled with us, and come back to travel with us again and again.  Past customers are our best source of referrals, which speaks to our competence and care.

Four zebra with their heads together in the Ngorongoro Crater

Variety of Offerings

From animal focused safaris to photographic safaris to family trips, cultural exploration or time to relax on the beaches of Zanzibar, we have something to offer for all tastes.

small banded mongoose on a termite mound in Tarangire National Park

Personal Approach

Since each person has his or her own needs and expectations, there is no one perfect journey that everyone will enjoy. We listen to what you are looking for, and deliver an adventure that delights you.

Popular Destinations

What do you dream of seeing on safari?  Let Destination Safari plan your perfect trip.  Explore safari packages to whet your appetite!

Elephant family on the move in the Serengeti

High Level of Service.

Your happiness is our focus, and nothing is too much trouble.  It’s just that simple.

close-up of a beautiful leopard on a rock in the Eastern Serengeti

Best Price, no Hidden Fees

We offer the best rates we can provide while ensuring your satisfaction. Our prices are based on favourable contracts with our suppliers.

the face of a lion with his mouth slightly open and the large incisors very visible (Serengeti)

Friendly and Qualified Staff

Enjoy a warm welcome everywhere you go.  Our team loves travelling and is committed to helping you discover Tanzania as a great travel destination.

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