Zebras are absolutely part of the package.  But so are…

  • Your Accommodation
  • Your Meals
  • Park Entrance Fees & Taxes
  • Your private 4×4 Land Cruiser with pop-up top and sliding windows so you can see 360 degrees around the vehicle – your vehicle is even equipped with a scuba fin in case you need to go through a river!
  • Unlimited kilometers for game drives every day (this one is important as many companies limit the number of kilometers their drivers are allowed to take you)
  • First aid kit (and drivers trained in first aid)
  • An electronics charging station so you can keep your devices (and more importantly, your camera batteries!) in tip-top condition
  • Binoculars for far off rare birds or exciting predator chases
  • Bird and animal identification books for the Serengeti
  • Unlimited drinking water (and a fridge to keep it cool!)
  • Tea & coffee
  • Beer & wine or cider
  • A camera stabilizer (a ‘pillow’ filled with rice or seed that you can use to steady your camera on those wild chases)
  • Rescue Insurance through the flying doctors (you hope never to need it, but if you do, at least you’ll have a story to tell)
  • Two spare tires and a few tools just in case there’s a breakdown (note that we have never yet had one, and we don’t want you to break our perfect record, but we’re prepared just in case!)
  • And, most importantly of all, a trained and experienced guide

This last is critical to your experience on safari.

You can have the best luxury accommodations in the world, and the fanciest drinks and food, but if your guide is not the best of the best, your experience is likely to be sadly lacking.

Our guides have multiple years of professional training in how to be guides in the Serengeti, as well as years of experience.  Not only that, but they have great personalities; a sense of humor, a desire to welcome people to their home and send them home excited, attention to detail, unfailing courtesy and consideration for all, and a never-ending quest to make sure all your needs are met!  Whether your iPhone cord breaks, or you only drink Mountain Dew, or you want to find a particular type of fabric, or you’ve always dreamed of visiting a cattle market, our guides (and all our team) will do their utmost to make sure your trip is all that you’ve dreamed.

And that quality – that never-ending quest and commitment to your enjoyment – is what will really make or break your safari experience.  So let Destination Serengeti show you what it feels like to be welcomed and looked after and introduced to the Serengeti by a truly caring and expert professional guide.

We’ll even throw in a few Zebras, elephants and lions for good measure!

What is not included:

  • Your flights to and from your home
  • Medical insurance (other than emergency rescue insurance)
  • Trip cancellation insurance (or any other type of travel insurance)
  • Visas you may need
  • Tips (this one is important and the source of many questions – check out our FAQ for more details on tipping on safari)

We also don’t include the mongooses – although they are super cute, and may choose to accompany you along the way!

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