Photography in the Wild

Everyone who comes on safari to Tanzania goes home with lots of pictures!  The wildlife, the scenery, the light – all make for an irresistible visual experience.  However, photographers (whether amateur or professional) are looking for a slightly different safari experience.

With a photography safari from Destination Serengeti, you may want to stop for an hour and watch the light change over the plains.  Or you may be happy to sit for hours on end and watch a pride of lions interact over a kill while you try to get the perfect shot and angle.  You may want your guide to take you to the most scenic lookouts – or leave camp the moment it’s possible in the predawn hours to capture the perfect sunrise as the sun slowly rises behind the Acacia and hot air balloons waft across the Serengeti.

Elephants giving themselves a dust bath, a lion pride hunting a giraffe, a baby zebra just getting up for the first time, vultures fighting over a carcass, a hyrax peeking out from the Rift Valley rocks, wildebeest in the thousands; if you can dream it, Tanzania can probably provide it!

Destination Serengeti will happily work with you to plan your perfect photographic adventure in the Serengeti.  Being paired up with a guide who is himself (or herself) an experienced amateur photographer can make all the difference to your experience of your safari.

We help you find the perfect shots and moments.  Our guides take you to out-of-the-way locations and teach you about the habits and behaviors of the wild animals so you find that ideal moment to capture.  They will happily take you out on game drives before the sun comes up, and return as late as possible to camp so you can capture that last golden minute as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Explore the golden light of Tanzania with Destination Serengeti  

On a practical note, you can charge your camera batteries and other accessories in our vehicles while you drive during the day, and we provide stabilizers to support your camera.  Our pop-top 4×4 Land Cruisers allow you to capture shots from above, and we happily move as fast or as slowly as your heart desires while you capture the ‘money shot’.  Some safari companies have limited mileage but we don’t believe in that; we want your game drives to be as long (or as short) as you want so you can capture the photo that will make your whole trip worthwhile.

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